Which MAVLink message to monitor to know when a new waypoint was added via RCx_OPTION

How best should my GCS know when Ardurover records a new waypoint? When manually recording waypoints via rc channel 7, I see that Ardurover publishes STATUSTEXT mavlink messages with “SaveWaypoint HIGH” and “SaveWaypoint LOW”. I also see that Ardurover prints to console using hal.printf(“Added waypoint %d\n”) .

Aside from monitoring the STATUSTEXT messages and looking for "SaveWaypoint ", is there a better MAVLINK message to monitor to know when Ardurover has recorded a new waypoint??

Thank you!

I wasn’t aware of this Save WPs feature, do you know if it is specific for rover or also for other vehicles like copter?

I can’t recall how often the mission item count is downlinked, but that may be a way to tell. I can look it up later if you are unable to find a reference to it.

@BrunoBagarini, SaveWP should work for most, if not all platforms.


That’s nice man, I wasn’t aware on that, I am highly interested on it.

Thanks a lot!

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