Where's the front? GPS/compass module with no markings

I have a Ublox NEO 6m GPS/compass module that is housed within a black plastic dome. There are no markings on the dome (like an arrow) indicating where to position the module. I’m assuming that the cable coming out of the “back” would point to the back of the quad, but others have told me they have the cable coming out at the 4 o’clock position. Any thoughts? Thanks much!

If it’s a clone of the 3DR GPS, the cables come out at the 9:00 position

I can post a pic of the module I have I have. See below. I have seen other pics that DO have an arrow and sometimes its opposite of the cable, sometimes the cable is at the 4 o-clock position, and sometimes the cable comes out the front (same as the arrow). So it seems that each manufacturer is free to invent their own standard - which is fine. I just wish mine included an arrow.


ebay.com/itm/Ublox-GPS-Neo-6 … 56660b03ff

Didn’t the shop that you bought the Neo from provide any kind of information concerning the mounting of the GPS/Compass?
If there is no literature available describing the correct orientation for the GPS/Compass module, I suggest you open it up if you can and look for the X, Y Z axis symbol that is usually on the pwb that designates the correct module orientation.

Documentation? From China? I should be so lucky. Once good reason to buy American! But opening up the housing is a good idea and one I will try. Thanks!! Really appreciate your response.

I have purchased several HMC5983 magnetometers from Chinese eBay sellers and in both cases the magnetometer pwb had the X, Y, Z axis orientation symbol printed on it. Good luck.

I had the same issue. Here’s what I did (it worked perfectly for me) :

  1. go outside
  2. connect the compass to the flight controller
  3. connect the flight controller to mission planner
  4. do compass calibration
  5. open the ground station view in mission planner (showing the quad in the google maps view)
  6. hold the compass “right side up”
  7. note the direction of the red “heading” line in mission planner
  8. holding the compass, turn clockwise 90 degrees.
    Does the heading line turn clockwise or counterclockwise?
    if clockwise --> go to step 10
  9. If the heading line turned in the “wrong” direction, the compass may be soldered upside down (it was in my case). Flip the compass upside down , and see if the movement direction is OK now.
  10. turn the compass until the red heading line faces north in mission planner. The side of the compass that’s now facing actual north is the “Front”.
  11. Use a sharpie to put a big giant arrow facing front on the compass unit.
  12. If you had to flip the compass to orient it correctly, you need to select the “Roll180degrees” (or something, I forgot the exact parameter name) option in the compass setup screen, to tell APM that the compass is soldered upside-down.
  13. Mount the compass to the quad with the big arrow facing forward
  14. Done!