Where to measure current & Batt is always low

Hi there!

I’m using an APM2.5, MissionPlanner2 and the APM Power Module. I wired everything, removed JP1 and wanted to configure the Batt-Monitor (after I did the rest of initial setup). There’s my first question: There’s a field “measured current”, but I don’t know where I have to measure the current. My voltmeter accepts max. 10A.
The 2nd question could be related to the first one: When I try to arm the quadrocopter I always get the message “Batt low!”, although it’s nearly full. Any suggestions?

Thank you for your answers!

Greetings, Boffy

You need to do at least a voltage calibration for your Power Module.

If you want to calibrate current you’ll have to insert your meter between the battery and the Power Module. But since you say your meter only goes up to 10 Amps, you have a problem. If you try and pass more than 10 Amps through it you’ll blow the meter’s fuse. You could carefully up the throttle until you got into the 8 Amp range and calibrate there.

Here’s the Wiki page on doing calibrations. If you do the voltage one, which is very simple, your Low Battery warning should go away.

copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common … ge_reading

Hello OtherHand,

thanks for your answer! I tried it with my meter between lipo and copter and raised my throttle a bit, that worked great. But I didn’t make it to configure the voltage monitor to show reasonable readings. -200Amps etc. sounds weird.
So I only configured the voltage and got good readings, it shows my voltage and the LiPo percentage. But even if it has 99%, it tells me during pre-arm-check “Low Batt!”.

Greetings, Boffy