Where to find step by step instructions for tuning and setup

Hi All,

I’m quite new in this things (4 months), and what I read is not always easy to understand. Especially when people talking about LAND_FLARE_ALT, LAND_FLARE_SEC, LAND_PITCH_CD, LEVEL_ROLL_LIMIT, etc…

I’m not sure where I can set it up? Is it using terminal or something?

I wonder if someone can point me to some guide on this…


This is an excellent place to start:

Hi JNJO01,

I’ve been digging information from plane.ardupilot.com/, but I must admit that usually I search by topics, like how to download log, auto takeoff and auto land.

Is the script like things are kind of settings which only visible on mission planner when connected to APM? I often explore it on office, but my APM left at home. So mostly offline.


Almost everything written in the wiki about settings via MissionPlanner assumes that the APM (or PixHawk) is connected.

Ok, that’s the problem, I’m not connected to APM, so the menu not available.