Where is the state of the vehicle being logged in the data flash logs with AHRS_EKF_TYPE set to 10?

Hello everyone,

i’m doing SITL-simulation of a quadplane with a physics backend in matlab. For the communication i use the json format just like it is done in the example for SITL with Matlab. I’ve set the parameter AHRS_EKF_TYPE to 10 that the state of the vehicle isn’t etimated by the EKF-algorithm. My understanding is that the state that’s been calculated by the phsyics backend is then directly used to control the vehicle. But the EKF algorithm is running in the background calculating and logging but its estimation aren’t used. Normally in the data flash logs I’d use NKF1 to see the logged velocity, attitude and position of the vehicle.

My question is: If the estimations of the EKF aren’t used, where is the velocity, attitude and the position of the simulated vehicle being logged in the data flash logs?

Thank you all in advance for your answers!

in here it is said that there should be an on board message SITL but i can’t find it in the data flash log, there is only SIM


Velocity is a little harder to come by, unfortunately. Discussion here: