Where is the config param in MP to change the

Motor standby time? I need the motor to spin whenthe quad lands for 60 seconds then take off. Please help.

In an Auto Mission you want to do that?

So the scenario is to fly quad to a point, sit there for 60 seconds then bring it home. I have done this before but now that the option to adjest the motor spin standby time had gone I am stuck at this point.

You could set the DISARM_DELAY to >60 seconds so when it lands it doesn’t auto disarm? Or set it to 0 to disable Auto Disarm completely.

Would this allow the props to continue spinning slow even when it lands?

At zero throttle that’s controlled by MOT_SPIN_ARM. If your MOT_SPIN_MIN is set for default (.15) then try .1 or whatever value below MOT_SPIN_MIN keep them spinning. You may have to adjust both to your liking.