Where is Elevon 'MIXING_GAIN'

I have been trying to set up my new wing with an Ardupilot running Arduplane 2.73.

There is this new ‘ELEVON_OUTPUT’ that actually works fairly well for setup, but I cannot get enough throw out of the servos. I tried to drive the signals furthers with my radio (calibrate the ardupilot with elev/ail at 100%, then turn them up to 120%) but that wont make the servos go any further.

The manual online:

It says there is a ‘MIXING_GAIN’ which allows you to turn up the servo throw. But I have looked all over the parameter lists and cannot find this parameter anywhere. Can someone help me? I am so tired of running into problems with the ardupilot and am very ready to sell it unless I can fix this.

Mixing_Gain is located in Software-> Adv Parameter List-> Mixing Gain

This may not help your servo deflection as it will only change the mixing of aileron and rudder (I think). I have mine set up for the Zagi aircraft. Make sure to have no elevon mixing setup on your transmitter. All of the mixing should be done through ardupilot.

Double check that your servos can move far enough without any mixing. If not you may have to change control linkages.

Hi Mklinker,
One thing that may have confused you is that the MIXING_GAIN parameter appeared in the docs before the 2.74 release came out, but the parameter was added in 2.74. The way our doc generation works we sometimes get parameters showing up that aren’t in the stable release yet.
Cheers, Tridge

Just to add to this… when you go to start tweaking with mixing_gain after getting 2.74b (or 2.75), don’t get too aggressive with it. It ranges from I think 0.5-1.2, and you really shouldn’t step up or down much more than .1 at a time. Tread lightly, use with care, and this parameter can possibly be one of your bestest friends.