Where (in the source files) can I invert/reverse the PWM outputs?

I want to reverse/invert the motor outputs of my board, so that if ardupilot tells the motor to run at full speed, the output is no voltage and if ardupilot tells the motor not to run, the output is a “full” PWM signal. It would be nice but not necessary, if this would occur to the motors only and only in brushed_esc mode.

The PWM motor outputs go into a inverting driver circuit, which drives a N-Channel MOSFET which drives the Motor.

I don’t want to alter my circuit if this is avoidable.

Which file and what lines in the file are responsible for the PWM output and thus I have to alter?
If you are very motivated, I would be very pleased if you also gave me a hint in what I have to change the code :blush: