Where has SR3 gone?

I’ve been trying to make a minimosd work with my apm 2.6. I always get message ‘no MAV data’.

I read around and found I needed to set mr SR3 settings. I trawled through the parameter list and found only SR0 and SR1, where’s sr3 gone?

The old SR3_* parameters on APM2 are now called SR1. The reason for the change is the naming of the variables was not consistent. The first serial port was called SR1, the 2nd was called SR3. We then added more ports on Pixhawk and the naming started to get a bit crazy, so I renamed them to SR0 and SR1 on APM2. On Pixhawk you also have SR2.
Sorry for the confusion.
Cheers, Tridge

So in order to input correct settings for my minimosd I should just treat sr1 as sr3. Gret, thanks for the reply!!!