Where do I put the Aerodynamic coefficients?

Hi All,

I have built an aircraft from ground up with a group of mine. We have recently flown it manually and are considering ArduPilot for the autopilot. I wanted to know how I can put in the default aerodynamic coefficients and gains for the aircraft before it flies. I will be trying a manual takeoff and autonomous way-point navigation in the air. Any help is appreciated.


Have you tried this?


Maybe this will help :slight_smile:

Hi Francisco,

Thanks for the link. I was just wondering how trustworthy the default PID settings would be for an aircraft like ours. It’s design is quite similar to a large fixed wing but it has multiple control surfaces and weighs close to 7kgs. I guess we will have to fly it manually and switching on a semi-auto mode like FBWA in-air to play around with the PID settings ?

I just found the link to tune for a new flight from the link you gave me. I will go through it and see if I have any other questions. Thanks.