(When) Will Arduplane get autotune?

Hi all, I klnow this question comes up every now and then, but I can’t find any conclusive outcome: will Arduplane have autotune in the future? For Pixhawk only, or is it still possible for APM2.x also? Really curious, I’m not too happy with the tune&crash cycle I have to go through as a relative APM-beginner (though I’m sure I’ll manage to get it right somewhere in time…)
Thanks for now! Splinter

Yes it will but its a way off, I doubt the APM 2.x will have the headroom for it.

Thanks Gary. I’m aware of the APM limitations indeed. Would that also be a matter of prioritization? I pressume the entry barrier for APM will be lowered with autotune…

Anyway, it’s wait and see I understand.

Bye, Splinter

The autotune could be done by a PC connected via radio modem with the plane?. Being the pc which makes all calculations

Or have an initial, different, setup like Arduplane firmware version, which for example lacks the mission planning/handling code but is optimized for finding the right PIDs (and other var’s maybe) for a plane. Once found, the ‘full’ firmware can be uploaded and set with the auto-found variables…

I’d be happy with a simple channel 6 tuning knob like Copter has. That should be easy, right?