When trying to connect rfd 868x radios 'No heartbeat packet recieved'

i download the rdti driver and then i download rfd sik radios v3.1 .bin i setup everything for the plane i connected the serial as the wiki said for both ground station (my computer) and the pikhawk cube black at arduplane 1.3.74 ,when i change the com into the com of the telemtry that i connect and put it at 57600 and press connect after 30 sec timeout [No heartbeat packet recieved) showing up.please somebody’s help i will be very thankful for you.

1.3.74 is the version of Mission Planner (the software on your computer) not Arduplane. That should be 4.x.

Make sure with the RFD radios you are supplying power from an independent power supply, not from the Telemetry port. If your RFD radios are still at the default 30dbm then they draw too much and that will cause problems.

Also, with both radios powered up you should see a solid green light on both of them. If the green light is flashing the radio is powered but not connected to the other unit.

If both radios are powered and connected, verify your com port is correct.

okay thanks i solved it
but when controling the servos through rc transmitter the servos is not moving do you know why

Could be:
Safety switch,
not armed.