When rotate right side yaw = motor hot

Hmm I’m last 6 days continuous getting flights but 4th day I crashed to wall some gps glitch and my last propeller is broken ,
Story time :- i don’t have a any more propeller so I was continuously getting flights but recently I knew less flight time so I checked motor and saw motor is too hot (is it propeller fault) but motor hot typing is awkward.

Like this green are shows motor is hot and res is propeller is broken

And yesterday 5 april i borrow i 1 propeller of right side to my friend but I saw same problem but increase flight time , what is it ? anybody say


This is log file

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Second problem or not , when I go high up like 200m above then motor not hot , why?

How is it ???
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Maybe if you posted a log that didn’t require permission someone would look at it.

Is it ok ???

And sir today I was getting some more flight i can see when altitude is more then 180m then motor is not hot and also RTL function land time nearly 30m then change yaw little bit

This is a today’s flight

Sorry now , today’s flight log is deleted accidentally

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I don’t see anything obvious that would cause motor overheating but you should at least set the basic tuning parameters. It’s amazing to me that this is suggested on this forum daily yet it’s right in the Tuning Wiki.

Because altitude is more then 150m , problem is when altitude is lower then 150m then motor heating
Hope you understand

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Today flight say something different , i don’t touch my copter anytime , only flight time touch :grin:

When I turned into land mode my copter is dropping and 2 motor (no :- 1 and 2) is hot ,

This video shown copter is not stable after updating like 4.xx and also showing yah moment.

2 flights and last time to turn into land but he dropped so I guessed battery is low but second time same problem facing. What is a exactly problem???

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Did you follow the tuning instructions posted above step-by-step ?

Yes sir , still this problem available on my big copter , some time think it’s wire lose or may-be motor slidly rotate on axis but no , what is a matter ?

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If you are out of ideas, replace the motor.

I’m really sorry for extremely let reply , i think motor is good in other things