When In Auto Mode, Ardurover 4.2 Goes in Circles instead of following the waypoints

Hi guys, I’m using the latest mission planner with ardurover 4.2. I’ve been trying to run autonomous missions but whenever it’s in auto mode, the drone just goes in circle. Here’s the weird part though:

When I went to do motor test, the servo I use for steering would only turn left (pressing test motor C did not make it turn right). However, when in manual mode , the servo can turn left and right as normal, it seems to only be an issue in auto mode. I suspect it’s a trim issue but what parameter am I supposed to shift so it can turn left and right?

You need to test drive it in Acro mode to determine if the direction for steering is correct. Sounds like it’s backwards. Manual mode won’t tell you much, it’s essentially pass thru from the receiver.

Not with my drone right now but I’ll try it later. Quick question though, if in acro mode I see my servo only turns left and not right, what would I need to change in order to fix it? I take it it’s not RC trim or Servo trim since those are at the correct values (low 1000, med 1500, high 2000). I also tried reversing them before my first post and the motor test then only turned Servo 1 to the right but not to the left, the inverse of what I’ve been seeing. If it is backwards, would that mean it would only turn left and not right like how I am seeing when I do a motor test?

OK been trying all week, I did have a servo reversed so I set it back to normal, but my drone still veers off the waypoint path and never goes back. PID tuning has made it marginally better but it is still not following in a straight line.

Post a link to a .bin log file where this happened. Does it drive properly in Acro Mode? Center the steering stick and it goes straight?