When Auto Mission Flight is not an automatic landing

Hello, guys.
Suddenly I have a problem and I ask you guys in a hurry.

Now we are uploading the beta firmware RC 3.60 12 to the Gaui GX-9 helicopter and flying.
However, there was a phenomenon that was not seen in previous firmware.
When flying a helicopter, the RTL is floating in the air for a long time and the altitude is lowered. Even if landing correctly, the rotor keeps rotating without turning off the engine.

I know that if the landing is successful, the RPM of the engine is low and disarmed.

I wonder if this is a RC 3.60 12 firmware error.

Please fix the problem.

I will also upload my parameters and log file.

Thank you in advance.

Y.S. Kim.



Binary log

What was the previous version of firmware where you did not see this behavior? Also what hardware are you using and did you load the NuttX or Chibios version of the firmware?

Hi? Bill.
I do not remember the exact firmware version, but it seems to be Beta RC 3.6.0 9 version.
And the hardware was pixhawk 2.1, and I uploaded the Chibios version.
Y.S Kim

Was the 3.6.0 RC 9 firmware also Chibios?

Yes, It was Chibios firmware.

Thanks for the info. I will try and look at this tonight using the SITL to see if I can replicate the problem. It looks like there were some changes to rc10 that involved arming/disarming. I looked at your params and don’t see anything out of the ordinary. is your heli electric powered or nitro?

Bill, Thank you very much for your quick reply.
My helicopter is a gasoline helicopter.
It is a 50CC 4 cycle engine called gaui’s GX-9.
I hope the problem is solved.
Bill, I’m so grateful for your help.
Y.S Kim

Bill, I have done on 5. October 2018 a Mission of 10 minutes and finished with RTL and auto landing. The motor switched of ( disarmed by my new Pixhawk 2.1. normally. I used ArduCopter 3.6.0 rc11 with ChibiOs in my TR600. I have not seen any problems during that mission except a known Problem with LIDAR in chibiOS.

thanks so much for that info. I will look at Y.S. Kim’s data and check it on the SITL.

Hi, Bill.
Today I tried flying to other helicopters of the same model with beta firmware 3.6.0 RC 6.
As a result of flying today, the RC 6 was good for automatic landing at the time of the automation, and was able to automatically disarm after landing.
But the flight performance of the aircraft seems worse than the RC12.

In RC12, I would like auto landing as well as RC6.
And helicopter does not hold properly in Position Hold Mode.
There seems to be a problem with my helicopter setting. I’ll wait for your advice.

I will upload the log file that I tested today.
Once again thank you for your help.

Y.S Kim

Parameter, Tlogs, Binary log,

So I looked at your data last night from rc12. it appears that when the aircraft lands, the landing detector is not declaring the aircraft landed. and so the aircraft can’t disarm itself. Still trying to figure out why it can’t declare the aircraft landed.

thanks for the data from rc6. that will be helpful to compare the two. I will look at this more this evening.

@retromix I tried opening the file in your google drive that said LOGS. I could not open it. Could you just post a link for log file only? The .bin files give me the best information to figure out what is happening.
I tested the rc 12 in the SITL with the realflight simulator and it shut down with no issues. So I would really like to see the rc6 log file so I can see if I can tell a difference.
EDIT: Also I was looking at your rc12 log. Your aircraft is experiencing some big discrepancies between the actual and desired attitude. I will look more and see if I have some suggestions for your parameters.

Hi, Bill.
First I am sorry to upload the file incorrectly.
I’ll upload the link again.
Once again I thank you a lot.
Y.S Kim

Hello bill.

I have a question.

“I tested the rc 12 in the SITL with the realflight simulator”

You was told to test on Real Flight, so can I simulate a helicopter in real flight with the ATM parameters I set?

I like to set the helicopter, but I can not fly well, so I want to test how I feel about the helicopter I set myself.

The risk is very high because I am not good enough to fly the actual Heli.

@Ricoman Directions for simulating aircraft in realflight is given here. you will have to purchase Realflight 8 and obtain the key code to unlock the interface with ardupilot SITL. I think there is a limitation to what you can do with realflight and ardupilot. Tridge had set up some heli’s for use in realflight with ardupilot. I have refined tridge’s param files to tune the aircraft more like how the helicopter wiki (here) describes. I can make the param file available if you desire. the models in realflight won’t act exactly like your particular helicopter. the realflight models will probably behave much better and give you a false sense of how your helicopter will fly.
If you are looking to just learn how to fly a helicopter, you could use realflight alone with some model that is highly stabilized.

@retromix Did you intend to send me 20 log files? Is there one in particular that has an auto mission with a landing that executes the disarm properly? Saves me from having to look through all of them.

Hi, Bill.
I’m sorry to send too many binary files.
This file is an automation success.
Please check it.

Always Thanks, Bill.

Y.S Kim

Binary File

Y.S Kim,
I’m still unable to determine the cause of the aircraft not declaring land complete with RC12. I have noticed that it appears that you switch to stabilize mode almost immediately after landing. it takes a little over 1 second for the system to declare the landed state once all of the sensors indicate that the aircraft has landed which could take a few seconds.
I’ll look into it a little more and let you know if I find something.

Hi, Bill.

In the RC12 version, switching to Stable mode immediately after landing,
Even if the helicopter landed on the ground, the RPM of the engine did not go down, and there was a tendency for the airframe to overturn, which caused me to quickly switch from the controller to the stable mode.

But in the RC6 version, everything was in Auto mode and everything went smoothly.

Y.S Kim

Hi Bill.

I have a similar problem.

Since the helicopter has done RTL
In contact with the ground
It does not become a disarm over time.

And the helicopter slowly leans as if he wants to go somewhere, even a helicopter is on the ground
With the leg of the helicopter touching the ground, the helicopter seems to fall over when it wants to go somewhere.

I think this is not only a firmware problem, but also a sensor problem.
In fact, it shows good flight performance in stabilize mode, but it is very unstable in mode using gps such as poshold.