What's the purpose of this forum?

This may seem like an obvious question, but with diydrones.com forums and and this new ardupilot.com forums, whats the mandate here? What do we want to get out of this?

It would be good to express this so people who come here for questions have a clear understanding of it’s relationship to the other sites.

I’d also like to say that even with NINGs forum implementation, the platform does have useful social aspect. With the ability to blog as well as discuss issues I think that really works and adds a dynamic that is lost with just a forum.

By clearly stating the objectives here, will make it much easier to understand how to configure the groups. For example, is it going to be integrated in the main diydrones site?

This will provide a clear goto spot for tech support for the APM/Pixhawk platform, hanging as it does off the fantastic new wiki’s

DIYD on transition to N3 will highlight user builds and interesting projects along with news from other parts of the UA world. It will become more curated. DIYD used to be the cutting edge stuff to the fore by the folks doing it. Sometimes now its a procession of quads and how do I.

The blog feature coming to the fore really with top content highlighted.

Right now the primary need is to get people like yourself here that can answer stuff Bill!

That’s how I see the future but I might be wrong and should be told so!