What's the latest stable firmware for APM2.6?

Hi flyers ,

I have 2 set of ardupilot APM 2.6 , I need to make it fly in my plane

I think it’s not supported now ,

I need to know what it the latest stable firmware use with it ?

I don’t want to use any Auto modes , Just for trainer , stab only required

I hope I can get answer as soon as possible


APM Planner will see the board you have plugged in and offer the appropriate firmware to load onto it.
I am pretty sure Mission Planner does the same.


I am using mission planner and try to load AP 3.4 firmware and it loaded fine !!!
Dose that will cause any problem in flying ?

Apm 2.5/2.5.2/2.6/2.7/2.8 will only run up to 3.2.1 nothing newer.

You mean I can’t even load firmware above 3.2.1 to the APM2.6 ?

It shouldn’t load, it certainly isn’t designed to run on the APM.

http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/copter-3-3-released The second paragraph under the video clearly state that 3.3 onwards is Pixhwawk only and APM need to stick with 3.2.1 or older.

Thanks a lot ,

I am actually want to fly in stab only 3.2.1 is fine for me .

Sorry, just realised your looking at plane not copter, I need a LOT more coffee!!

plane 3.4 will work on apm and is the newest version that will - http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/apm-plane-3-4-0-released

I was wandering coz I just now try to load it and it loaded fine