What's the last working version of HITL Sim and Mission Planner

I read some threads that mentioned HILT is no longer available in the new firmware.

Does anyone know what the last working version of HITL Sim and Mission Planner were?
I want to use Pixhawk to run HITL simulation with Mission Planner and X-Plane 10.

Your input is appreciated in advance


ArduPilot hasn’t supported HITL since we transitioned away from 8 bit hardware as far as I know.
The key reason for that is that you can’t feed the EKF fast or consistently enough over USB.
I think @tridge had a look at implementing a version of HITL, using EKF type 10 (part of sitl) instead of the actual estimator, but I’m not sure where that got to.
As it stands, you can attach a lot of hardware peripherals to SITL (real gps, telemetry, companion computer etc etc), which provides a realistic test of the drivers etc.

Perhaps consider asking a different question: “how do I test [insert what it is you need validated] with ArduPilot?”

Thanks a lot for the response and the information.

The reason that I want to use HILT is to get the real PWM outputs (that drive Elev, Ail, Rud and throttle) from Pixhawk. And I will use these PWM outputs for some other purposes.

Is there anyway we can get the updates on HILT from @tridge ?

I haven’t tried out SITL yet. Back to your suggestion, my question would be: how do I test the servo movement with ArduPilot?

Not giving much away! :slight_smile:
All that data can be streamed via serial from SITL, which is much better for data transport than sniffing pwm.

Thanks for the response.
Yes, SITL has a lot good features and advantages. I’ll use it for sure.
But I still love to use HITL.

Is @tridge a right person to contact for HITL of AudrPilot?

@texram Did you get to solve this? I need to implement a HITL simulation and can’t find the PixHawx HIL Software!