What the hell happened... crazy crash with .bin file

I was in althold mode and hovering stably. I turned on my mixer switch to lean forward 30 deg (which I have done before with 23 deg switch). and a few seconds later, my drone was destroyed.

Within a second of leaning, my drone shut off and did a somersault to land on the ground upright. At this point my throttle was all the way lowered, as I did that in a panic as soon as i saw the somersault start. Everything would have been fine if it stopped here, but then the drone quickly powered up at high throttle, then launched into the air leaning forward heavily (even though i had the mixer switch off, its a momentary switch) and crashed straight into my house.

I am extremely cautious, slow and deliberate with this drone, so this is extremely frustrating, but also worrying that this can happen at a moments notice. you would think one of the advantages of arducopter would be failsafes to prevent this.

2022-04-08 19-10-00.bin (376 KB)

one theory i have is that a 30-deg pitch command change was too much (though 23 deg has handled with no issue).

wow: Flip Mode — Copter documentation

…is this a good idea to have without knowing?!

I just realized ‘flip’ does not mean ‘invert’, it means ‘somersault’. i set channel 2 to it, meaning to invert it.

Not the greatest idea to have Flip Mode as an RC2_Option (which you do). In effect this means it will enter flip mode when the elevator channel exceeds ~1700us.

yeah as i just commented, i meant to invert the pitch, but ‘flip’ means ‘somersault’

Flip Mode has been around a long time… The original 1 switch Acro maneuver.

I would do any pitch inversion on the Transmitter.

i however have not been into rc for a long time, and this is news to me. i dunno, but could be confusing to other newbies.

well, i am glad that it wasnt arducopter that went crazy. because THAT would be a hobby-killer.

in fact, it is really impressive how desired pitch and measured pitch were spot on throughout the whole maneuver.