What shoud I do to add a new equipment for UAVCAN

    I am a new man for UAVCAN(APM) ,and I have some problem about how does the Ardupilot node broadcast its data in the arducopter program,and how should I add a new equipment. now I can open the CAN port .  My PC  also can  receive some 1HZ data through a CAN-USB equipment from my pixhawk CAN port.what should I do to continue my study.if only there's a kind man who can offer me a guide about UAVCAN for arducopter.THANK U very much!
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More uavcan work. Great!
Olli’s UAVCAN 4 Hobbyists project is probably the most documented uavcan implementation, so read about that either here or at rcgroups.


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Thank you.I believe I still have a lot of work to do .