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What setup should be used for this type of drone?

(Q Mayberry) #1

Any ide’s what frame type should be used for setting up this type of drone?

V Hexacopter frame
(Amilcar Lucas) #2

It looks like you will have to add it in AP_MotorsMatrix.cpp file.

(Q Mayberry) #3

Not sure how to do that!

(Amilcar Lucas) #4

google is your friend, but here it is:

So this is an FRAME_CLASS=OCTA and FRAME_TYPE=H but I am pretty sure you will need to adapt the existing source code in AP_MotorsMatrix.cpp#L507 to fully meet your custom build.

How configure the ardupilot to fit the Hexarotor which the four rotors in behind
(Q Mayberry) #5

Many thanks, a bit beyond me at the moment. Looks like some studying will have to be done!

(Rainer Kayser) #6

I believe in the version 2.5 there is this frame. The frame is registered by a German company Volo Copter for a patent

(Q Mayberry) #7

Thanks Rainer, I’ll look into that. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: