What settings to make TX16s TX SC switch open drop servo on orange cube PX4 Aux 2 pin

New build Tarot X6 Hex Copter, Orange Cube, Trying to setup so I can operate a Servo Drop thing on an Aux Pin say Aux 2 , its an MD752 Drop servo , has direct 5V power to the servo, when I plug the signal wire into Aux 1 bottom pin and switch the landing gear switch (SD) it opens and jams and cannot close the servo (that was just to test it) , the installed landing gear works fine on that Aux 1 port.
So I think the servo requires something setup different than the landing gear. for it to open and close. I find it hard to understand the wiki with many settings and don’t know what is the simplest way to setup one of the switches on my Radiomaster TX16s to open and close the drop thing
I’m sure its simple to some of you guys, any help appreciated .

The company that sold my client the drop system, provides tech support and setup, will see how that goes. later this week

settings were for gripper, enable, type. servo 10 for aux 2 and select an RC channel. now for its other issues