What role to Notch filters play as size of bird increases?

Hey guys, glad to make your acquaintance. Let me jump right into it, I have a decent amount of experience with smaller hobby grade multi-copters using pixhawk and mission planner obviously. Meaning I can tune them, pilot them etc. Now I am in precarious situation where I have been handed the responsibility of a bigger quad with high performance 270KV motors and a larger frame, lets just say the scale of what I am used to has increased 3-4 fold.

The issue of vibrations weren’t of much consequence in the smaller drones but I fear it might make a huge impact on the bigger bird that I am needed to fly. Hence I’ve been reading into Notch filters and their effectiveness. As of now I want to test the first flight in ‘Stabilize’ mode but I fear I might be overlooking something that I haven’t come across during my experience with the small ones. Am I overthinking this or should I be concerned? Are there any other parameters other than the one I am talking about?
Any help will be much appreciated Thank you.

Before the maiden flight set the Initial Tuning parameters for your craft using Mission Planners’ Alt>A tuning plug-in after connecting.
Then prepare to configure the Dynamic Notch Filter by setting INS_LOG_BAT_MASK to 1.
Make a short flight in Stabilize if you like for basic flight.
Then make a short Hover flight in AltHold for ~1min.
Analyze that log Using FFT to determine Dynamic notch parameters and set them and set INS_LOG_BAT_OPT to 2 and make another AltHold Hover flight.
Review the log with FFT to see if the filter is doing it’s job.
Then tune.

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