What is Toy Mode?

Has anyone tried turning “Toy Mode” off on this drone through the parameters? What exactly does Toy mode do? Certainly it makes flying easier, but what would be the difference in performance, function, and what I have to do to fly the quad if I was to turn it off?

I’ve been flying acro and sport mode, but haven’t really felt they were so difficult. I’m wondering if toy mode is doing some compensation for me or something.

toy mode shouldn’t interfere if you’re in ACRO.

Have you tried playing with the ACRO_TRAINER setting?

Not yet, I’ll try it. What does toy mode actually do though?

Handles the button presses from the transmitter.

Magically trims the sticks when they’re idle.

Toggles the fence on and off depending on what you’re doing.

Magically moves you between althold and loiter depending on GPS status.

Handles the LED bling.

Adjust thrust based on voltage.

… and more…

The fence! Hmm what is the action when fence engages? I was out at a big
Field the other day and it kept taking control away like it was doing RTL
but then after it got closer I got control again. Is that what was
happening? I thought it was losing radio signal.

Lol sorry hijacked my own post but I had an aha moment.

While toymode does play with fence a lot, I don’t think it changes the
fundamental behaviour that it RTLs.

That being said, you do have stick controls when in RTL on SkyViper…

It used to be that pushing the throttle high would cancel RTL - but I
think that got removed…

If the fence gets breached does that show in the logs somewhere?

Yes, you should find ERR messages with a subsystem of 9.

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Btw, thanks for this. I noticed that TOY_MODE isn’t in the documentation, and probably should be since it got merged into the ardupilot Master. I don’t know enough about it to add it into the Parameters listing.