What is the maximum number of waypoints

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I believe the APM is limited to 256 waypoints, half that if using commands to trigger a camera over each point. This has become a real limitation for us when we can’t use distance based triggering.

Will the Pixhawk solve my issue? What is the new limit? Is it stored on the SD Card?

at the moment it is the same as the APM ~127. In the next code release we will be increasing that to ~900 and in some future release you will have the ability to load more than one mission

When capturing 1cm resolution with a NEX-7 I need to trigger every 13m or so. To accommodate changing terrain elevations I need to vary the distance between shots and the distance between flight lines. This means I will need a WP + a do_set_servo command for each waypoint. So for a 30min 25km mission I need about 4000 waypoints.
Will this ever be possible with the Pixhawk?
Is there anyway to store them on the flash card?

How will multiple flight plans work? Will we be able to automate the switchover between flight plans with out needing telemetry?

Use this

plane.ardupilot.com/wiki/ardupla … TRIGG_DIST

diydrones.com/forum/topics/using … s-for-chdk

We will be increasing the number of waypoints after we get the new AP_Mission library finished and yes in an upcoming release we will be able to load missions off the SD Card.

Hi guys,

I have retested arducopter stable 3.1.5 and it seems that I can’t put more than 127 waypoints into a single mission. Have you had a solution for this yet?

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Hi Michael,

I checked the AC release notes and there is no indication that this has been fixed yet.
github.com/diydrones/ardupilot/ … eNotes.txt