What is the fastest way to move in a circular area in a mission?

I am writing a mission for a quadcopter and ı have a circular area with 4m radius. I tried to draw a circle in mission planner but it is not as fast as i want. I tried Loiter turns but it is not as fast as i want too. So what is the fastest way for circular area with 4m radius

I think Loiter-turns should be able to be quite quick. Maybe post a log and we can check the settings.

The ultimate way would be to perhaps write a lua script like this one and fly the vehicle in Guided mode but you’d also need an autopilot with a fast CPU.

In MissionPlanner you can insert a spline circle, it has a POI in the centre by default. Just remove (or move) that POI if you want the copter to point somewhere else. Join the circle into the rest of your mission.

It’s impossible that aircraft moves fast around such a small circle. How fast do you want? Centrifugal acceleration is v*v/r. If the radius is just 4 meters, well, do the math.


By the way, I’ve written a copter-fast-descent.lua script that uses guided mode’s new control and can do quite rapid circles. It also descends very quickly too though so it’s not exactly what you want.