What is Parameter "SIMPLE"? Not listed in Complete Parameters List

2020-04-15 16_56_15-ParamCompare

On my octocopter, I am in the process of upgrading from Pixhawk1 to ProfiCNC Hex Board with Orange Cube. I’m currently transferring over .params I saved from the Pixhawk to the Cube, going through each to see if I should use from my saved .params file, or not and I’m not finding this parameter in the Complete Parameters List at: https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/parameters.html

Anyone know what it is?

Oh - I found what it is… Actually, when I found “SIMPLE” in the full parameters list in Mission Planner, there is a description listed as:

“Bitmask which holds which flight modes use simple heading mode (eg bit 0 = 1 means Flight Mode 0 uses simple mode”

This could be added to the Complete Parameters List? If not, at least it’s in the forum for anyone comparing .params files and looking them up.

Post it on the mission planner topic

Done. Thanks. I hope it gets added for anyone else temporarily stumped by it.

I don’t think anyone is using the bitmask for Simple mode any longer. It’s easier just to put it on it’s own switch so it can be enabled in any mode.