What is nav command #16?

Recently ran a mission and noticed that this message displayed a few times throughout. The mission completed successfully. The message was:

Executing nav command ID #16

Please tell me what it means. Is it an indicator of something I set up wrong?



Nothing to be worried about! ID #16 is MAV_CMD_NAV_WAYPOINT. So the GCS is informing you of the mission’s waypoint progression.

Ok thanks hunt0r.

This last flight was the first time I saw it. I have footage of previous successful missions and the message does not ever appear. I did no upgrades or changed anything in the way I start the mission (I think).

I did notice that for this last flight I had the “Quick” tab showing below the HUD. For the other missions I had the “Actions” tab showing.

Could that have been the difference?



That message is purely a debug message which should really be removed.