What happens if the drone is prevented from reach it's set point in guided mode

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I’m curious as to how the AC algorithm works if the drone is prevented from reaching it’s setpoint in guided mode.

For example, I have a drone with prop guards and a companion computer on board, running AC 3.6. If I give the drone a GPS setpoint accidentally behind a wall or something, will the drone continue to push forward by increasing the pitch? Is there a limit to the pitch angle? Will the drone realize something is in the way and the setpoint cannot be achieved?

In the situation you describe, it’s probably just going to crash. Most likely the prop guards will just bend into the props causing it to crash. If not, it’s going to try to lean into it up to the maximum lean angle just as if it was fighting a strong head wind. Which will eventually result in it crashing.

It isn’t going to know there’s a brick wall in the way unless you install and configure collision avoidance hardware.

I’m assuming the max lean angle is controlled by the angle_max parameter?

So let’s assume the prop guard hold up, the drone pitched down at the angle_max, will there be any ekf errors?

I am not sure of what will be the exact behavior, it will either continue to try to reach the target or consider it crash as it cannot move.
Interesting case

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I don’t think EKF errors would be expected. Its position information would still be accurate. It would be no different than fighting a headwind that’s too strong. Vibration as it’s rubbing and banging on the wall could eventually lead to errors maybe. Or it could snag while rubbing and upset the attitude, which could eventually crash it. It would be best to just not fly into a wall.

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