What do the beeps mean?

Hi everyone, Just a quick question if you dont mind.

I have just updated my apm 2.6 to the latest 3.2 firmware, Since the update when i power on the board i get one beep (from the connected buzzer) then after a few seconds i get 5 beeps, Before the update i never used to get the 5 beeps, So my question is what do the beeps mean? do they mean everything is checked and ok or do they mean something is wrong.

Thank you

Using 3.2 in my Arduflyer 2.5.2, mine started beeping a series of "V"s, in Morse code. dit-dit-dit dah…dit-dit-dit-dah. Never heard that one before. It has done this on multiple occasions…sometimes when it is sitting on my workbench with just the USB cable plugged in.

Any idea what these beeps are? Please don’t post a link to the Wiki page for beeps and LEDs…it doesn’t have any info about what I am hearing.

Thank you.

I hesitate to post as you say you don’t want any links… It’s pretty hard to guess the tones someone is trying to create in a text message but it seems you might be describing the tones of Beethoven’s 5th.

How about a link to this video by Randy:
54 seconds in it does the Beethoven tone. If that is what you are hearing it says GPS Failsafe or Glitch. At least for the Pixhawk… I assume the tones would have similar meaning on the apm.