What are the steps to implement a new AMS5812 airspeed sensor in ArduPlane?

Hi, I am new here.

I want to use an AMS5812 I2C digital airspeed sensor with ArduPlane.


I’ve read several threads and wiki entries on the subject, but haven’t really figured out how to implement the new sensor. I also have almost no experience with programming. Just a little bit of C++ and Arduino development.

Can anyone tell me what steps are needed to use the new sensor? It is to be used for flight control and data logging.

I probably can’t connect the new sensor and address it directly, right?
Do I need to write a new sensor driver?
If so, how do I write a sensor driver?
How do I know what functions need to be included?
The manufacturer provides a library for Arduino. Can I use this and how would I include it?
In which other files must the new sensor type also be included?

In the end the sensor should work with a CubeOrange and a CUAV X7 Pro.