What are the mandatory calibrations to be done when we change the flying location

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Could anyone guide me when do we need to re-calibrate below options.

  1. Radio calibration - is it must that we need to calibrate radio if we change any settings on radio
  2. Compass calibration- In case of agri drones , it is very difficult process as drone will be heavy and we would need people to hold and rotate the axes, is it ok if we do it only once and we can fly at multiple locations without calibrating.
  3. ESC calibration - (If we change the radio settings , is it must to re-calibrate the same)

I hope I am clear in my question : )

  1. If you do not change the settings on the RC radio you do not need to recalibrate.
  2. You do not need to recalibrate if you fly near (within circa 200Km) to the place where you calibrated the compass
  3. If you change radio settings… then yes

I would add about the compass, if you fly and see the drone do “rounds” braking o movements when it should be stady, or you go forward and the drone tend to go forward left-right, you should do the compass recalibration. I realize I need to recalibrate when I see those odds behaviors.


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Thank you for the responses.

There is in-flight compass calibration now… You’d need to upgrade to v4.0.
I can’t find it in the docs yet, but there is discussion in this forum, or here:

I’d like to clarify one thing mentioned by @amilcarlucas above. It should not be necessary to recalibrate the compass based on the location. ArduPilot includes a small database that looks up the “declination” based on the vehicle’s reported position (from the GPS). The “inclination” is detected after boot.

So really, no reason to re-calibrate the compass even if the vehicle is flown in a different location from where it was last calibrated.

Re ESC calibration, setting the MOT_PWM_MIN/MAX parameters (normally to 1000 and 2000 respectively) can allow you to avoid having to re-do the ESC calibration if the RC (aka transmitter) is modified. Note that after you change the MOT_PWM_MIN/MAX you should re-do the ESC calibration once but from then on, even if the TX/RC is changed, it isn’t necessary to re-do the ESC calibration.

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Thank you very much for the information : )