What are the Autopilots that can be helpful for a fully Autonomous mission?

Hello all,

Looking forward to purchase an autopilot or Flight Controller Board that can go for a fully Autonomous mission. So, what I feel it should support is, Auto Takeoff and Landing, Altitude hold, Hover at a desired altitude and distance, loiter. I feel that covers almost all important modes.

I would like to have your suggestions for this. It would be beautiful if you can share what are all the autopilots or FCBs can perform almost all of the required features.

Thank you so much for your help.

This is basic functionality for any Flight Controller running Arducopter. Pixhawk and Pixhawk variants are good choices, many to choose from. Right at the top of this page select the "Copter"button and read on.

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Agreed with dkemxr (+1) A simple A$85 clone will do everything you mentioned.
If I mentionned this one is because I do have more than a dozen without any failure or problem and hundred of flights!. (All fully autonomois using mission planner).
Beside they support the latest ardupilot software and mission planner ground control.

For some unknown raison (to me) some people persist in buying APM hardwareand and complain… :slight_smile: Greed perhaps? LOL… :laughing:

Anyway enjoy…



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Actually you can get the whole shooting match:

Pixhawk 2.4.8 Bundle.

@oldgazer1; One hell of a deal! Great find.

In the past 3 or so years I’ve bought 3 similar bundles. The first was a 2.4.6 in the $160.00 range, the second was another 2.4.6 for around $140.00, and the 3rd is a 2.4.8 that was $120.00ish…

I have #1 on a Tarot 680 Pro, #2 is on a slightly stretched Tarot Tarot 650 Sport, and the 3rd is currently waiting to be moved from my trusty X666 test bed to an H4 Alien 680.

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Yes. I agree with that. I have already gone through the documents but I did not find anything that shares information about fully autonomous mission. Anyway, I will go through it again.

Thank you for your response.


That sounds great that you have performed these functions on different vehicles. Just in case, if I ask, which is the smallest vehicle on which I can attach pixhawk and do all these functions.

I have a PixRacer on a 210 size mini quad with full funtionality. Just Google “Arducopter auto mission” and you will get all the info you need.

Basically any vehicle the Pixhawk will physically fit into or onto will work, but if you want to go small, a PixRacer will also do the job.

So then, this brings up the question, What EXACTLY are you trying to accomplish?