Weird Multiwii functions not declared

I’m trying to use some functions from Multiwii to read PPM and to control servos/motors. I can get my stripped down little sketch to read PPM and even output to serial what it reads from the Rx. The problem is I can’t get it to work when I add stuff that controls servos. I get errors that say all the functions are not declared in this scope. I can add the servo stuff by itself and it compiles, but rx and servo functions together cause the not declared errors.

What I want to do is use stuff from Ardupilot 2.7.1 for navigating and stabilizing, and use the rx and servo functions from Multiwii. I’m working with a board that runs Multiwii without problems, but I don’t understand why I can’t just extract these functions from the MW code. I’ve got all the defines and variables needed for it to compile.

Anybody any ideas?

Seriously, I know the world of autopilots is far more advanced than I am or will ever be as a hack programmer messing with the crippled little 328 based boards, but even the simple minded need a hobby.

I’m going to include the hacked up code that is giving me trouble. Like I posted, the problem is I don’t understand how these functions for servo and rx can coexist in MW2.1 and when I try to extract them and put them into a simple sketch they wont compile. Either function alone in a sketch will compile, but not together. I know for sure the rx functions work as I get serial output of what it reads from the PPM.

I’m using Arduino 1.0.3

Last post on this. I never paid much attention to the order that I #defined things, but is it possible that things are not defined in the proper order? That they should be in the order that they are used?

Thanks for all the help, ha ha. I know theres no interest in anything using a 328, oh well. I solved it by using Servo.h which doesn’t conflict somehow. I even examined the Servo.cpp to see how it works and it uses the same timers and registers and prescalers and stuff. I don’t care as long as it works and there’s enough room on the 328. I tested it with stick inputs and even used the roll angle to move a servo.

What I’m doing is writing a simple stabilizer using DCM, GPS comes in Multiwii protocol over i2c, It’s reading and decoding the PPM and now all I need is some PID and mixing. I don’t need every bell and whistle and the board only costs $15.00 .

Where are my manners? This is a pub, Cheers.