Weird flying motion when Do_set_roi?

Today i try Do Set Roi for the first time. So it suppose to be flying side way pointing at a point which I set. The speed is default at 10ms. Alt for do set roi is 0. Gimbal are all disabled

Problem is when it start moving it like its going to flip, then adjust back to equilibrium, going to flip and adjust to equilibrium. Repeatedly. Until I RTL the drone.

Anyone knows what could be the reasons? I have no issue when i fly side way with joystick. Neither is there such a problem when Drone is RTL sideway back to launch point.

Why is it behaving weirdly when flying Do set roi, is it because I had used spline waypoint and do set roi together?

Can you post your firmware version, and a .bin file?

I realised it seems to happen on the part that is

  1. Take off,
  2. a zero waypoint
  3. a do set roi
  4. and a waypoint that is 300meters away.

The way point after seems not to have any problems. Only the journey to the 300meters waypoint.
And the lines that shown on the flight plan is dotted.

Let me do more test and see if its a bug, tomorrow I will send the .bin.

Anyway after analyzing the log. I found the problem.

Then post it. Together with the solution.