Weird Dshot Behavior on 4.0.3 and Cube Orange

seems it didn’t take BRD_PWM_COUNT 6 thefirst time
now it works

Off and flying your Y6 with Dshot! Octo flyers, wah, wah…

now it’s time for dshot telemetry…

A deeper rabbit hole. It’s funny that some have it working with no fuss and others it’s a trial. No blame on the users here I have had trouble myself.

maybe you are right :wink:
setup the parameters here
MP doesn’t show anything related
so I took a oszi to watch if there is anything on the line and there is. (looks like inverted signal)
is there something special on the ESC to setup?
or Serial5 options?

What kind of ESCs do you have? Do you have all the Telem lines connected together and then connected to an RX port on the FC and set that serial at 16?

holybro 60A

only 1 ESC connected so far


Then that’s all you need. Keep in mind with the holybro ESCs you will not get any telemetry data including battery voltage until the system is armed

Have you got the ADSB carrier board with the ADSB receiver dedicated on Serial5 ?
If so I think you’d have to use a different SerialX (Telem) port.

According the QA officer of Cube, the Orange cube firmware he dosen’t believe is ready for prime time.

He requested me to keep it so I am just keeping it. I would not put it in a UAV for a while.

just a side note if you are moving back to 4.03 make sure check your config files and possibly make a vanilla setup starting fresh.

goooood question :grin:
ok, telemetry is now running on Serial4