Weird Dshot Behavior on 4.0.3 and Cube Orange

Seeing an oddity with my Cube Orange using Dshot 300 with Tekko32 Metal F3 ESCs

When I boot up the flight controller and arm the motors 1 or 2 won’t spool up, It’s random everytime.

I tried re seating to motor connections and nothing helped. I finally changed to Dshot 150 and all my issues went away.

I am curious if there is a random corruption in the communication to the ESCs when you arm the motors, that takes the ESC offline

Has anyone else seen this issue?


Cube Orange
Tekko32 F3 Metal ESCs


Hi Dave,
sorry but I can’t help with your question.
On your cube orange dshot is runing on the aux ports, right? Only on the bench or airborne?
What about telemetry?

Regards Ruediger

No worries at all. I ended up getting rid of the cube orange

CUAV FC replacement?

ha ha you know it :blush:

I will stick with what I know

but it was running Dshot150, right?
So anything faster might lead to timing problems?
AUX ports are run by the processor, main ports by the Co?

Dshot300 seems to work for many. On the bench up to Dshot600 works for me on a standard Pixhawk, 1200 does not. But I’m not sure what the limiting factor is. Processor and loop rate I suppose. No lack of processing on a Cube Orange though!

Yes, Aux ports FMU, Main outs IOMCU.

There is a lot to be said for that logic! I’m trying to decide what I want to move to in general for FC upgrades. I have several PixRacers flying/driving and no complaints but want an F/H7. The Kakute F7 AIO board I had in a plane was great but lacking Flash for all Ardupilot options so not the best choice for a one FC to do all.

I really wanted to try and use the Kakute H7 in my little 280 but honestly I am not liking some of the little idiosyncrasies with it. I will prob switch it out.

Like you I am finding the lack of flash space a little annoying as the compass I use is not an included driver with the small flash build of AC

Yes. LUA scripting, SOAR, some other stuff. I’m not using those features now but if I’m upgrading FC’s I for sure want future proofing with 2mb flash. I remember thinking some years ago when the 1mb “issue” on Pixhawks came up" Hah, when will we need more than that?"

Which compass? I think we should enable some of these now that EKF2 is gone.

I am using the ist8310

It is the one in the holybro gps

yes, I see dshot running on Aux 1 - 4 but I confugured a Y6
So 2 outputs are missing. Servo13+14 are set to 37/38

Has anybody seen 6 motors running on dshot?


BRD_PWM_COUNT for dshot?

no doesn’t help
any other idea?

For anything to configure the I/O between PWM to GPIO. Default seems to be 4 from the hwdef file meaning 13 and 14 (Aux 5&6) are configured for GPIO.

Post your parameter file. Your location cannot be tracked from that :grinning:

You need to power cycle the FC with output chan changes.

With My cube Orange I was able to get 6 Dshot outputs. Like @dkemxr mentioned above I needed to set BRD_PWM_COUNT=6

here we go
Cube-orange_DShot2.param (17.8 KB)

All looks ok, when you boot the board, in mission planner under messages what does it say for your RCOUT?