We can add additional sensor?

Hello everyone, I’m student so I dont have enough budget to buy pixhawk v3, v4, v5…
So my question is we can add additional gyro/accelerometer sensor through I2C port i have a radiolink 2.4.8 pixhawk.
If the possible adding sensor so which is best ?
And I’m using in big copter like a 22inch props copter

Yes it is possible. But why do you want to do that?

I wanna make big copter like a 22inch props size and frame is bigger then 55inch, so I think pixhawk 2.4.8 is not supported I’m right ?

All Pixhawks are supported by Arducopter:

Where did you get the idea that it is not ??

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Sir I’m so confused after show all hardware components , sir i was thinking it easy like add external compass , just like add more sensor but I’m wrong ?

Now I am the one that is confused. Are you talking about Pixhawk or ArdupilotMega (a.k.a. APM) ?

Like I said, yes you can add sensors. The documentation explains which sensors are supported.

Sir this is my fc. And which sensor best for me and my frame also care for my budget :sweat_smile:


This flight controller handle it more then 55inches ?
And what is a stability ??? I think he can’t do that (i think)

Are you sure sir I can using on this frame ? Of this old school fc. And I’m using on heavy lifter drone !