I am in the process of setting up a X8 Skyhero 850 with Pixhawk flight controller. when doing waypoint missions there is a sharp twitch at each waypoint.

I would appreciate some assistance in how to tune this out.

I have posted this on DIY Drones but should have posted support questions here.



I guess you’re doing spline waypoints or straight line? Sorry, I could look at your log to see but if you could tell me that’d be great.
If it’s spline then it’s a known issue. We will sort it out in a future version of the firmware but it’s a little tricky to get rid of completely.

no these where all straight waypoints. Updated my 450 quad to 3.2 and did the same mission it also did a sharp twitch at each waypoint.

I was wondering is a waypoint radius of 2m too small or do a need to adjust WPNAV_LOIT_JERK

David Ardis

Hi David, I had a look at the logs, and the ones you PM’d me. I can see the little jerks you’re talking about. It may be normal, but I’ve never really noticed. I can’t see any problems in your logs, GPS looks good, vibes good. PID tuning is great. The navigation controller seems to be performing really well. It’s just those 5-10° jerks at each waypoint. I can’t see any settings wrong. You have a low waypoint speed, low acceleration rate, and normal Jerk parameter.

I’ve asked Randy to have a second look here.


Thanks for looking at the logs be interested to here what randy has to say.

When the weather would it be worth doing the same mission again at a slightly higher speed and I was also considering increasing pitch and roll rate I

David Ardis

No, I wouldn’t change any Rate Pids at this point. It appears to be flying very well. The Attitude is doing exactly what the Navigation controller wants it to do.