Waypoint missions pre arm error

Hi all i got an issue with an waypoint mission is got about 8 waypoints with do land start the 2 more waypoints
then land
i have auto rtl and land disable
when i go to arn i get this ardupilot ( PreArm: DO_LAND_START set and RTL_AUTOLAND Disable ) ?
just going to start auto landing tuning
here is the mission
std-test-7-waypoints-autoload.txt (716 Bytes)


Here’s the note from the wiki:

ArduPilot checks to see if there is a DO_LAND_START mission items before arming but RTL_AUTOLAND = 0. If so, a pre-arm failure condition will prevent arming. If it is desired to use a DO_LAND_START only for aborted autolandings, then set RTL_AUTOLAND = 3, to allow arming, and its use as explained below for an aborted autolanding.

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i did look at the wiki must looked right passed it lol :thinking:

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