Waypoint is never reached and circling around waypoint

I am using Holybro Pixhawk 4 Mini as flight controller.
In auto mode plane cannot reach waypoint so always tries to reach to waypoint but never accepts it as reached even tough it is in the acceptance radius. It keeps circling around the waypoint.

I changed waypoint radius but it didn’t help. I have also followed the procedure of navigation tuning in the documentation. There is no problem problem with planes flight. It is smooth and stable in auto and circle modes but it sometimes cannot reach the waypoint.
I can provide flight and telemetry logs and flight video.
Thanks in advance.

Unless you’ve changed some unusual parameters this can’t happen, as it will consider the WP complete when it passes the “finish line”, a line passing through the WP and 90 degrees to the path.
If you post your log I can try to see what param is incorrect

Thanks for reply @tridge. Here are the telemetry log, flight log and full parameter list used during the flight.

What is the last wpt? Perhaps it thinks it’s done with the mission? I usually set the last wtp as a RTL

There were 8 waypoint and jump command to repeat mission 3 times. I checked mavlink messages it stucks at a waypoint and never reaches it even tough it is in the waypoint radius.