Waypoint Acceleration Limits

I want to finish the waypoint mission as fast as possible. The first thing I’m looking for is to disable 5 m/s2 limit in WPNAV_ACCEL parameter. Or can I just set WPNAV_ACCEL like 15 m/s2 or something? It says it has a range of 50-500 cm/s2 in the full parameters list but can I just pass the 500 limit and set it like 1500?

You can set it to whatever you like, the hard limit in the code is 1G ie 980 cm/s2.


Now I see.
In AC_PosControl.h:

Will changing this work? I’m just asking, 9.8m/s2 is already enough but I want to know :grinning:

Btw, this acceleration value is valid in braking too, right? Or do I need to change LOIT_BRK_ACCEL or something?


Sort of, there are also angle limits and such that will stop you going past 45 deg.

Yeah its both acceleration and braking.

Do you mean PSC_ANGLE_MAX and ANGLE_MAX or is there something else I should see in the code?

Both, there are hard limits in the code at 45 also a soft limit based on remaining throttle. You get much past 55 and the altitude controller starts to break.

What about WPNAV_SPEED? Wiki says 20 m/s max, can I just write 30 m/s in parameters list or is there a limitation in the code?

I’m familiar with buiding the code btw that won’t be a problem.

Hi Pete, I couldn’t see any bank angle limitations in the code for copter (4.1.0-dev). Can you tell me how is the limit applied?

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So I can increase that limit by %50 by changing 100.0f to 150.f at the end of line 848, is that right? Just asking for reference.

sure, obviously there will be a true vehicle limitation there somewhere if you increase it past that bad things will start to happen.