Way to perfect controll/stabilize

I know that each case is different, but I have a question about general rules, step by step, how to refine the controls as much as possible.

I mean checking vibrations, setting filters, pids, speed etc. Etc. … How should it be step by step.

I mean :

  1. Compas calibration
  2. Radio calibration
  3. Esc calibration
  4. Set batery/power module
  5. Set mot_expo
  6. Start stabilize and check vibration
  7. Set notch filter
  8. Set other filters
  9. Set D (pid)
  10. Set P and I

  11. Your copter will fly perfectly :slight_smile:
  1. basic step-by-step setup
  2. “tuning process instructions” wiki page
  3. “Dynamic notch filter” wiki page
  4. “Autotune” wiki page

repeat the last 3 steps to fine tune it.

If i good understand…
if i’m not happy after AutoTune should repeat tuning handly, and again set notch filter and again Autotune ?

Ideally you should re-run autotune whenever you adjust the filter settings

If you are on 4.0.x set FLTT to 0 before running autotune and set back afterwards

Is this generally true then regardless of craft/prop size?

It all depends on what it is set to. In general, because people set it to the same as FLTD it’s probably ok for a bunch of configurations - but on the other hand because it will attenuate the twitch in autotune - and the impulse of the twitch gets more important the smaller you go, but also the smaller you go the higher people tend to set it its very difficult to tell and the safest thing is to set it to 0 while tuning. 4.1 does this automatically.

OK thanks, got it. I’ll be helping out with Autotune on a larger OctaQuad and wasn’t sure. And Łukasz here has a BIG quad.