WARNING: Arming before Servo Test Completes could cause A/C roll over after disarm

Tradheli Users,
Recently @JoshW had his heli RTL and during the automated shutdown, it rolled over. Luckily the blades weren’t damaged. Through a little sleuthing (mostly by @Leonardthall) it was determined that the servo test was the culprit. Josh must have not realized the servo test did not complete before arming. Once the aircraft landed and disarmed, the servo test picked up where it left off and caused the aircraft to roll over.

Please be sure you allow the Servo Test to complete prior to arming. Otherwise when you disarm after your flight, the servo test will pick up where it left off and could potentially damage your heli.

This issue will be fixed for the next release.


PR 14979 created to address, awesome thanks to Bill for helping me get this in!

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