Wait at waypoint until IO trigger possibilities


I managed to get my rover to successfully execute an automatic mission plan :smiley: .
However I would like to be able to perform a measurement at certain waypoints while the rover is standing still. This measurement will be done by an external processor (either an Arduino or Raspberry-pi).

I would like to be able to get the following sequence:

  1. Rover reaches waypoint
  2. Rover stops at waypoint and triggers the external processor in order to initiate a measurement action.
  3. Rover waits until external processor returns “measurement finished” signal.
  4. Rover will continue mission.

I was looking in the ardurover documentation but did not manage to find a feature which seemed to allow this behaviour. Therefore my question is:
Is there some feature which would allow me to implement this behaviour?

Any help will be greatly appreciated

With standard Mission Commands I think this is as close as you could get:

  1. Rover reaches Waypoint
  2. Rover stops and triggers a relay or Servo (PWM change) output.
  3. Rover waits a fixed amount of time.
  4. Rover continues with Mission.

Would it be possible to create/program a custom mission command which is able to satisfy my needs?

A companion computer I suppose but I don’t have direct experience with this.


Did you solve the issue? I’m looking to do something similar. I can achieve it using the delay time. However, I want the Arduino to send the command to go to the next waypoint instead of delay. Please let me know if you made any progress.