VTOL to FW transition pitch control issue


It’s not a bug, but an issue that I want to discuss. When quadplane is transiting from VTOL to FW attitude controller start to increase pitch when MC controller fading motors. But when lift motors fully stopped navigation controller resets NavPitch and qplane goes little nose down and need to recover with significant descend. Is it a good idea to have some nose up commanded just after VTOL motors are fully stopped (actually they can still rotate and have significant influence on aerodynamics)?

That’s plot from actual transition: you may see highlighted target pitch “reset”, nose down (actually it’s already down, but elevator goes neutral for a while so negative pitch evolves) and descend. Airspeed is not shown but is enough for level flight and goes up while descend.

I can see the same little hitch in Des.pitch on our bird, but it doesn’t manifest in anything that we can see.