VTOL Tailsitter

Dear All,
I am trying to build a tailsitter in mission planner, my flight controller is Pixhawk 1 with the specification as follows:

Q_Enbale = 1
Q_frame_class = 10
Q_assist_speed = 0

Servo1_function = 74
Servo2_function = 73
Servo5_function_function = 4
Servo6_function = 19

now the motors are good, but I can’t get my elevon working. it works only when I connect to channel 1 and 2 of my dragonlink receiver, but even there, the pixhawk doesn’t let me arm

I don’t know what am I missing,
I am new in this hobby, I was wondering if anyone could help me out, I really appreciate it.


I would look at the arming checks through mission planner, and as a bench test (ie not with props attached or to try flying - ie safely). try disabling the arming checks (you need to set parameters to do this). this should help you find what is stopping it arm so you can test functionality. If it is not armed, elevons/motors won’t work.

Make sure you are in the right flight mode (manual works for elevons, I believe its QSTABILIZE for the motors, but check), and the servos/escs should receive the proper PWM signals to actuate.