VTOL Spot landing by script

I am impressed how precise the VTOL approach in a mission is performed thanks to VTOL Airbrake.

Since I also want to use the procedure without having to create and fly a mission, I wrote a script that does this via switch on the transmitter:

As landing coordinates, the home point coordinates at which the last arming took place are taken over.

As soon as you pull a switch e.g. in FBWA during an approach, a mission is generated, which creates a waypoint with the current flight altitude at this point and a NAV_VTOL_LAND waypoint at the homepoint as well and switches the aircraft into auto mode.

A created mission looks like this:

Two variables (MIN_DIST, MAX_ALT) are used to prevent a mission approach that is too close or too high.

Of course it is unavoidable that any mission in memory is replaced. Since the weather is bad, I have tested the script slightly modified (due to a missing switch on the missionplanner simulator) first in the MP - simulator.

I hope to be able to test the script under real conditions in the next weeks.


VTOLAPP.lua (1.8 KB)


In the meantime I have been able to use the script several times and I am satisfied. The landings even with wind are with an old M8N GPS about + - 1-2 meter from the home point. Absolutely ingenious, the VTOL air brake.