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VTOL forward thrust motor runaway when armed

(Tim Clemens) #1

Forward thrust motor (Aux 5) spins to full throttle when vehicle is armed.No control of the motor until battery is unplugged. All other servos and multicopter motor operating correctly.

Forward thurst motor in AUX 5 slot on a Pixhawk 4 with Power Management Board.

Fun Cub airframe settings
PMW_AUX_DIS5 950us
PMW_AUX_REV5 Disabled
PMW_MAX 2000
PMW_MIN 1000
PMW_RATE 400hz
PMW_SBUS Disiabled

Not sure what’s going on???

(Mike Boland) #2

If you post a log from the flight controller we can see what is going on rather than guessing.

(darrell) #3

Shouldn’t the forward motor be plugged in to channel 3 like a standard fixed wing?

(Tim Clemens) #4

Sounds good… I’m new to Pixhawk, so not sure which log I should post. Let me know and I will post it right away.

(Tim Clemens) #5

The VTOL fun cub docs say the following for Aux channels…
Right Aileron is Aux1
Left Aileron is Aux2
Elevator is Aux3
Rudder is Aux4
Motor is Aux5

(Tim Clemens) #6

Here is a log I just generated… honestly I’m not sure how to read it, but any help would be appreciated.
2019-06-14 16-55-06.tlog (515.4 KB)

(darrell) #7

Right you are. I had a look at the manual. I’m not familiar with that setup. Are your running PX4? I noticed you have posted on those forums as well so hopefully someone will be able to help you soon.