VTOL drifting after takeoff

Hey guys, testing out a new carrier board with a Cube Orange. We have a large 9’ VTOL UAV running the latest Plane firmware, Q enabled. Today when we were testing the aircraft, a VTOL takeoff command was initiated at the Arming point. After takeoff, the UAV steadily drifted to the port side, with no indication that it was going to correct itself. Unfortunately I had to disarm the aircraft mid-air, and it suffered some pretty irreversible damage. Now I am sitting here wondering what went wrong. I have attached the Tlog and Dlogs, not sure why but the dates are different, but it is definitely the same operation.
Any Ideas?

You have limited the ARMING_CHECK from 1 (all) to 290 (only Baro, Parameters, BatteryLevel) . Why ?
Therefore you could arm without the EKF2 being fully initialized.